Deportation Research Clinic
Buffett Institute for Global Studies
Northwestern University

Deportation Research Clinic, Buffett Institute for Global Studies Northwestern University

The Deportation Research Clinic studies the misconduct of federal, state, and local agencies implementing deportation laws

Clinic Projects, News, and Contacts

Homepage of the Deportation Research Clinic, Buffett Institute of Global Studies, Northwestern University - links to studies, media, and contact information

States Without Nations - research and commentary on state efforts to restrict the movement of people across borders, and the alternatives

2017 BOOK!  Citizenship in Question: Evidentiary Birthright and Statelessness (Duke University Press), data and country case studies by leading experts, FREE PDF through Knowledge Unlatched

Law office of R. Andrew Free attorney representing clinic in FOIA litigation

Source Materials

Source Material on US Citizens in Deportation Proceedings, including newly updated data on cases assigned adjournment code 54, indicating respondents' assertion of citizenship as a defense against removal

Source Material on ICE Private Prisons, including for One Dollar Per Day: The Slaving Wages of Immigration Jail, From 1943 to Present - Litigation motions and orders for Colorado and Massachussetts, contracts and compliance reviews, invoices and payments, and detainee grievances 

Completed FOIA Responses
- Responsive FOIA requests

FOIA Litigation
- FOIA litigation
Immigration Judge Lawsuit Actions - Litigation based on the precedent in Bivens v. Six Unknown Named Agents

Working Reports

Age Assesments for Unaccompanied Children:
This American Life: Save The Girl

Private Prison Exploitation Litigation:
The Daily Beast Article: Private Prison Bosses Beg Taxpayers to Pay Human-Trafficking Lawsuit Bills