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Source Material from completed FOIA requests

Reverse Chronological

[EOIR: 9/28/2015] Immigration Judge Misconduct Complaint, Opinion Written in "No Recognizable Language": request for records related to Immigration Judge Misconduct Complaint 304 released to AILA. "Chicago Trip Report" case underlies complaint by Judge Richard Posner that immigration judge opinion is "written in no recongnizable language."

Notice of Receipt: [8/07/2015 EOIR FOIA Case no. 2015-26788]: (1 page).

Response [9/28/2015] Cover Letter and Contents: includes a memorandum with a case summary, as well as court documents and transcriptions (52 pages).

[EOIR: 9/21/2015] Management of Immigration Cases and Appeals Report: request for EOIR working group report on data accuracy.

Response [9/21/2015 EOIR FOIA Case no. 2015-27560] Cover Letter and Contents: thirteen pages redacted almost in their entirety (13 pages).

[EOIR: 4/28/2015] 85% of Detained Cases in 60 Days: request for records assessing EOIR case completion goals.

Notice of Reciept [11/19/2012 EOIR FOIA Case no. 2013-2938]: (1 page).

Fee Waiver Requests on 11/19/2012 and 12/3/2012: (1 page each).

Detained Cases Part 1: Pending cases as of 1/4/2011, 1552 total (23 pages).
Detained Cases Part 2:Pending cases as of 1/10/2012, 1590 total (24 pages).

Monthly Processing Goals Information: Email chains and information related to monthly case processing goals for detained persons (210 pages).

Response [4/28/2015] Cover Letter: Office of Information Policy receipt and notice that additional resources are being collected (1 page).

[EOIR: 3/24/2015] Immigration Judge Misconduct Complaint Coding: request employee instructions on the coding of Immigration Judge misconduct complaints.

Notice of Receipt: [2/09/2015 EOIR FOIA Case no. 2015-10218]: (1 page).

Response [3/24/2015] Letter and Contents: describes all manuals, memoranda, examples, notes, e-mails and other materials used to instruct employees in the coding of EOIR IJ Misconduct complaints (15 pages).

[ICE: 2/24/2015] ICE Assistant Secretary John Morton Letter, 5/27/2013: request for records informing Morton's New Yorker Letter to the Editor claiming that reforms since 2008 have decreased the number of US citizens that ICE is detaining/deporting.

FOIA Request [5/29/2013]: initial email from Jacqueline Stevens requesting information (2 pages).

Notice of Receipt [6/6/2013 ICE FOIA Case no. 2013-21895]: (2 pages).

Fee Waiver Request [6/6/2013]: (2 pages).

FOIA Follow Up Email [11/9/2014]: email from Jacqueline Stevens giving notice that ICE has exceeded the maximum time allowed by law (499 days) to respond (6 pages).

Response [2/24/2015] Cover Letter and Contents: including memorandum, spreadsheets, and email correspondence (4 pages, 109 pages).

[ICE: 2/05/2015] Bed Space Reports: request for records for the location and bed-space count for ERO authorized facilities.

Notice of Receipt [11/25/2014 ICE FOIA Case no. 2015-07134]: (2 pages).

Response [2/05/2015] Cover Letter and Contents: spreadsheet detailing the number of beds per facilities (2 pages, 4 pages).

[ICE: 10/1/2014] Government Payment for ICE Civil Lawsuits: request for records of procedures used by ICE to pay for damages in civil lawsuits, correspondence between ICE officials and employees to implement these procedures, and requests to ICE to pay for monetary damages.

Notice of Receipt[7/02/2013 ICE FOIA Case no. 2103-24375]: (2 pages).

Interim Response Cover Letter and Contents[1/15/2014]: includes memoranda and correspondence (3 pages, 100 pages).

Response [10/1/2014] Cover Letter and Contents: report from ICE (3 pages, 625 pages).

[ICE: 7/31/2014] Risk Classification Assessments:request for records on ICE risk classification assessment instruments.

Response [7/31/2014 ICE FOIA Case no. 2013-17862] Cover Letter (3 pages).

Risk Classification Assessment Brief [dated June 2011]: ICE Leadership Scope Brief (378 pages).

Risk Classification Assessment Statistics [2013]:
RCA Deployment Metrics [period: 2013], including data on supervisory agree or disagree for bond determinations and custody classification levels (14 pages).
RCA Deployment Metrics [since phase 1 development: 2012-2013], including data on supervisory agree or disagree for bond determinations and custody classification levels (16 pages).
RCA Graphs (16 pages).
Compliance Rates (14 pages).
Log of RCA Evalutation Revisions (1 page).
Risk Classification Assessment Final Decisions Summary Data (1 page).